The Füsport Phantom riding boot is sleek and casual for every day wear.
Comfortable and breathable, it’s designed to be tough, lightweight and protective. The Phantom boot integrates an abrasion resistant textile upper with rubberised and TPU formed external protection to safeguard your feet in a crash.

Colour: Black
Sizes: 39 – 46

See the full list of features below.

  • High-level breathability, moisture management and antimicrobial inner lining
  • Cushioned insole
  • Anti-slip and wear-resistant sole
  • Easy adjustment with the ATOP closure system
  • Velcro strap on front for ankle support
  • External rubber protection on each side of the malleolus
  • Reflective stripe on back
  • Integrated reinforced gear shift pads
  • Inbuilt ankle protection
  • Inbuilt thermoformed hardened plastic heel protection
  • Inbuilt thermoformed toe protection
  • Microfiber leather outer with mesh lining and rubber sole