About us

FÜSPORT Boots has been striving to bring you high performance protective footwear for motorcycle use since 1998.

FÜSPORT’s design, development and testing is all done here in Australia and we strive to offer the consumer the best value Motorcycle boots on the market. We aim to meet all your motorcycle boot needs from the serious racer to the Sunday rider and everyone in between.

FÜSPORT was born in 1998 in Adelaide. After a lengthy development process our chief boot maker, the Doc (Peter FÜSS), and the team began producing the highest quality motorcycle boots on the Australian market. These boots were designed, produced and tested in Australia by the likes of Kevin Magee, Robbie Phillis and Mal Campbell at the highest level of the sport in Australia.

Our commitment to testing and developing new products was only possible because the most stringent quality control processes were put in place, the highest-grade materials were used on the highest quality equipment which was all run by our in-house production team. This allowed such an illustrious bevvy of riders to help us develop our boots from day dot.

With our heritage firmly rooted in high quality production this allows our development to still be carried out by world class riders such as Ant West.

At FÜSPORT we believe everything happens for a reason and unfortunately once the GFC hit in the early 2000’s financial pressures hit Australian manufacturers and our Adelaide operation hard and forced us to close our Australian factory but after a small hiatus from sales FÜSPORT Boots is back re-establishing itself as a force in motorcycling and constantly striving to develop the best product to you.

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