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Adrian Huertas

WorldSSP Rider

Adrián Huertas, born on May 10, 1999, is a Spanish motorcycle racer who has been making waves in the world of motorsports. With his immense talent, dedication, and sheer determination, Huertas has quickly established himself as a formidable force on the track. Adrian is a young, gifted rider who won the 2021 WorldSSP300 Championship and will be riding in the WorldSSP Championship for the 2023 season with MTM Kawasaki.

Lorenzo Dalla Porta

Moto2 Rider

Lorenzo Dalla Porta, born on January 22, 1997, is an Italian motorcycle racer who has captivated the world of motorsports with his exceptional talent and unwavering passion for racing. With his fearless attitude and dedication to his craft, Dalla Porta has established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Throughout his career, Dalla Porta has achieved significant milestones and celebrated numerous victories. His breakthrough came in 2019 when he clinched the Moto3 World Championship title, securing his place in the annals of motorcycle racing history. This remarkable achievement solidified his status as one of the sport’s rising stars and earned him the respect of his peers.

In 2023 Lorenzo will be racing for the SAG Racing team in the Moto 2 championship.

Kevin Manfredi

MotoE Rider

Kevin Manfredi is an Italian professional motorcycle rider known for his exceptional skills and accomplishments in the world of motorcycle racing. Born on April 2, 1992, in Rome, Italy, Manfredi has been passionate about motorcycles from a young age.


The Italian rider won the European Supersport Championship in 2021, making him a dual champion in the category. This Year Kevin will be competing in the MotoE Championship for the Sic58 team.

Joe Mariniello

MotoAmerica Rider

Joe is a flamboyant Aussie racer who is now based in the USA, competing in MotoAmerica.

Luke Power

World Super-Sport Rider

Luke Power is embarking on a new chapter in his racing career by transitioning to the WorldSSP level after an impressive stint in the WorldSSP Challenge. Hailing from Australia, Power has achieved notable triumphs both at the regional and national level in the realms of Supersport 300 and Supersport disciplines. In 2019, he participated in the Asia Talent Cup, securing the 17th position in the overall rankings before heading back to his home country. Power made a significant move in 2022, joining the MotoAmerica Supersport championship, where he achieved an admirable fifth-place finish.

Anthony West

Former MotoGP Rider

Anthony is a rider who holds over 2 decades of motorcycling experience including in the MotoGP, the pinnacle of Motorsport. Currently competes in the Australian Superbike Championship.

Tom Bramich

ASBK 600 Rider

This talented lad from Beaconsfield in Victoria has been racing since he was 16. Straightaway, Bramich showed he had promise, and this was proven when he won the championship during his first year of road racing. He has gone onto win the 2015 Australian Moto3 and 2018 Australian Supersport 300. Tom now is battling the ASBK super sport 600 championship.

Jack Mahaffy

CIV Supersport 600 Rider

Jack is a young athletic rider who is competing in the CIV Supersport 600 in 2021. Career highlights include winning the 125cc Australian Junior Dirt Title and becoming Moto3/GP125 Victorian State Champion.

Jed Metcher

Australian Superbikes Championship Rider

Jed is a highly experienced rider having competed previously in Moto3 and the Supersport World Championship. The 2011 European Superstock 600 Champion is now riding in the Australian Superbikes Championship.

Alessio Finello

MotoE Rider

Finello approaches a whole-new category for him while making his debut on the world scene in the MotoE Championship. His racing experience includes so far several seasons between Moto3, Supersport600 and National Trophy in the CIV (Italian Championship of speed) and the participation to the Italian Supermoto championship, too.

Kristian Daniel

FIM CEV - European Talent Cup Rider

Kristian is a junior talent who’s aspiring to become a professional rider.  Now in the 2022 FIM CEV – European Talent Cup, racing with the MRE Talent Team.